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As a an investment company, the team at E World Holdings does a lot of work with both blockchain and real estate, but it’s sometimes difficult for people to understand the connections between investing, property and technology. Almost five years ago though, the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (also known as the IBREA), has received two nominations for being the most cutting-edge industry association. It’s a perfect representation of sectors’ converging and smart technology applications.

What is the IBREA?

The focus of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association is to integrate the usage of the blockchain into the real estate industry. Most recently, the IBREA has evolved into a second version – known as Instead of functioning like a traditional industry association, the International Blockchain Real Estate Association aims to function as a blockchain network similarly to the networks behind cryptocurrency. The network will have no centralization, availability to all, and be based entirely on merit.

However, because it is an association, it is a human network – and not a computer network. This means that the IBREA maintains some hierarchy and control – but members will still benefit from the association.

Big Changes

The largest innovation of the association is its elimination of Chapter Chairs. Chapter Chairs were once responsible for organizing get-togethers of the association, general teaching, and spreading the blockchain technology to over thirty-five international locations. However, with, they’re no longer required. Instead, all meetups will be arranged on an IBREA meetup page. They’ll also be listed on an events page.

Getting Involved With the IBREA

Under the new system, anyone, or any organization, can organize a meet-up. The only caveat is that they must partner with the association. These meetups can be as small as a group of ten at a local bar, or as large as hundreds of people with scheduled presenters. Hack-a-Thons, summits, and webinars are also options. Those who arrange meet-ups or participate heavily will be enshrined on the IBREA blockchain Real Estate All-Star Wall.

Available Memberships

Originally, the association offered standard memberships to individuals, and limited ones for groups. With the upgraded, there are new membership options for both types. This makes the association easily available to those with budgetary restrictions and groups who need to collect dues.

Closing Thoughts

Because the IBREA is transitioning to a network business plan, the association will become decentralized, based on merit, and generally open. With these changes, those that are members of the association will be more capable than ever of integrating blockchain technology into the real estate industry.