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E World Holdings is a property investment firm based in Malaysia with ventures in Venezuela.

E World Holdings is a property investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of multifamily, single family, and commercial properties throughout the world. Together, Troy, Shiva, and the rest of E-World Holdings focus on finding some of the best real estate investments opportunities for investors of all levels.  Opportunities include new construction, condos and condo-conversions, single-family homes, duplexes and fourplexes. E World Holdings specializes in providing best quality investment properties at a reasonable price, and back that up with the best service in the industry.

As seasoned investors, the E World Holdings team knows the market and understand the trends. They are detailed in managing their investments, and are committed to providing exceptional service to each client. Together, the team manages the strategic direction of a portfolio of investments, both on an individual basis and a portfolio basis. In order to deliver superior return, E World Holdings evaluates each property from a real estate and capital market perspective to maximize the overall value.

Shiva Narayan, Director of E World Holdings, continues to shape the company alongside his father. As an Executive Leader and Business Manager responsible for the Team providing independent advice on Global, Commercial, Industrial, Special Purpose and Residential Property at E World Holdings. Both Troy and Shiva Narayan offer guidance and expertise to both individual and commercial real estate properties, exhibiting a wealth of knowledge among big and small investors.

While E World Holdings specializes in property investment ventures, they also recently began investing in cryptocurrency. As bitcoin and ethereum continue to make headlines, Shiva and Troy Narayan are excited to see where this new venture goes. They believe that cryptocurrency holds a lot of promise not just for financial investments, but a host of industries from cyber security to administration and government. They consistently follow these trends and look forward to further developing this branch of the business for the betterment of their clientele.

As a renowned company, E World Holdings prides themselves on integrity and transparency. Offering property investment services for a number of years, the company has established an enviable reputation for quality and value for money. Ultimately, the E World Holdings team’s mission is to deliver the maximum return on investment to each of our investors. We do this by only entering into investments in which we have a strong competitive advantage and by implementing proven processes and procedures. Both persistent and hardworking, Troy and Shiva Narayan work tirelessly to make the most out of any investment. They’ve successfully establish and maintained superior relationships across a broad range of property markets, building a most loyal client base. Built on core principles and family values, the E World Holdings team ensures a seamless strategy with each investment. For more information about property investments, or the E World Holdings team, visit their blog today!


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